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DSI International Drone Sports Championship 2019

Yeongwol Sports Complex Indoor Stadium, Gangwon Province, Korea
October 12th-13th, 2019
Gangwon Province, Yeoungwol County, JoongAng Ilbo, & DSI



The fourth DSI International Drone Sports Championship took place on October 12th and 13th in 2019 at Yeongwol Sports Complex Indoor Stadium in Gangwon Province. Co-organized by Gangwon Province, Yeongwol County, JoongAng Ilbo, and DSI, this time was a great opportunity for skillful pilots to show off their talents at Speed Racing and a newly adopted discipline, Extreme Moebius. 



This year, 20 teams from 16 countries attended and battled for the prize pool of 50,000 USD. While FPVR from Australia, the winner of 2018, and Astro X from Korea came up as front-runners, 9 Korean pilots including Minchan Kim(15·KDRA), the undefeated world champion, ChangHyeon Kang(16·D.Sports), Jaejong Kim(13·AstroX) got drone racing fans excited from the beginning.  

The steamy atmosphere at the stadium live-streamed both in Korean and in English on Facebook and YouTube. FPV fans from all over the world watched the race, shouted out, and led the viewership to be a record. When it comes to the racing course, the LED-lit gates evolved into more elaborate and fancier ones compared to the last year. Held at the indoor field, chilly weather attracted audiences to come into the stadium. Eventually, they filled the entire seats on the first and second floor and the air was full of their stomping and yelling. 

On the 12th evening, followed by celebration of VIPs, the speed racing final heated up the space. While everyone was holding their breath, Jaejong Kim outran Drone Sports Global, overcame fatal mistakes that his quad crashed twice, finally led his team to be the winner of IDSC2019! Drone Sports Global (Russia) and MultiGP(U.S) took the second and third place respectively. 



After a series of celebrating performances of singers, for the first time ever in Korea, a drone formation show using 300 drones marvelously decorated the night sky. The audiences could not take their eyes off from the sparkling, multi-colored drones that displayed a variety of forms. While the audiences was still in wonder, the drones gradually turned into two words towards grand finale, The Future of Gangwon and Drones of Yeongwol



The second day started with the new discipline, Extreme Moebius. Minchan Kim proved himself by winning the race once again, followed by Alex Vanover(Multi GP), Soren Monroe-Anderson(MultiGP) at the second and third place. The MVP of this year went to Derek Clee(Drone Sports Canada) for his outstanding performance

IDSC2019 elevated the level of expectation as the pilots and audiences evaluated it as the most successful event ever in terms of race management and environmental conditions. For DSI, being a pioneer of drone sports, IDSC 2019 was a great chance to rediscover the bright future of drone sports. 


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